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• 5/4/2018

Metagnost eat some time strings

I need someone who has knowing about editing and linking
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• 4/28/2018

We need to revive this wiki

I can't do it alone, I need people who are interested in make this
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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/29/2015

where do I find Metal Skin?

I'm looking to make a Hydrus sickle and I need metal skin, where do I find some?
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• 7/3/2015

I want to have friends to play co-op in toukiden kliwami(ps vita)

hi everyone, i just bought toukiden kiwami for ps vita1 week ago and i want to find someone to play online co-op in toukiden kiwami, i don't find so much people online and the players i found until now are overpower and the bosses don't last more than 2 minutes. i hope to find someone who wants to play with me, im in phase 3/4 online and chapter 5 in offline story so i don't have overpowered equipment yet. if someone wanna play with me or conact me, my psn id is: DARKaegis7
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• 6/5/2015

mitama check list
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• 4/28/2015

Ingame Chat

I played a little online today and wanted to chat with the other players. But i cant find a way to type my own messages but ive seen players doing it. I only can use the fast massages from the R2 or option Menu.
Maybe someone can help me out? I feel a little supid <3 and sorry for my broken English.
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• 4/24/2015

How to play on the expert mode?

Hi, i need some material for crafting some gear and in the wiki they sais i can get it by killing a monster in expert mode.. bur how to play the expert mode ?!?! =_=
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