An Imp that have absorbed large quantities of miasma. They are identical to the Imps but blue colored.

Dark Imps are more powerful than common Imps but still far of being a threat for trained slayers.


None except his claws and fangs.


Like her red counterpart they travel in groups, they are considerable superior in strenght to the normal Imps but they act more as a annoyance than a threat.


-Their bellies contain a high quantity of miasma.

-They often leave particles of misma cristals when they are killed.


Materials Description
Avaricious claw The claw of a dark Imp. Has transformed into an atroucious shape so it can plunder everything in sight.
Underwold souvenir A black particle left by a Dark Imp. Belived to be a high density miasma crystal.
Miasmatic abdomen The stomach skin of a Dark Imp. Contains a large amount of miasma, so must be handled with care.
Soil A black, sandy substance. Throught to be from the Otherworld, but its uses are limited.
Otherwordly debris An unknown substance. The Slayer Headquarters will purchase it at a high price for it's value in Oni research.
Greedy belly The skin from the rounded, swollen belly of a Dark Imp. It contains nothing but pure greed.