A small and very common oni. Imps have a little stature and a prominent belly, her arms and face are red and her lower body presents a grey-black coloration, they have a small horn in the forehead and use a loincloth.

They move usually in big groups and use their sharp claws and fangs to kill travelers, but they aren't a threat for trained slayers. Likewise they are used as a cannon food by superior Oni like Chtonian Fiend


Imps are weak ann very easy to kill, even so rookie slayers have to be careful with big groups.


-Her bellies are implied to be hollow.

-They appeared in the publicitary anime.


Material Description
Tenacious claw Claw from an Imp's hand. Small, but extremely sharp so it can be used to pierce and tear flesh.
Abdomen The round, swollen belly skin of an Imp. Hollow on the inside.
Avaricious fang The fang of an Imp. Small, but sharp and curved so it can latch onte prey.
Soil A black, sandy substance. Throught to be from the Otherworld, but its uses are limited.
Otherwordly debris An unknown substance. The Slayer Headquarters will purchase it at a high price for it's value in Oni research.
Ravenous fang An Imp's twisted fang, sharper and more deadly than usual. Once imbedded it is extremely hard to remove.