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Mitama Ability List

For a list of which skill is available from which mitamas see Mitama Abilities

Mitama List

No. Name Type Age Location How to get Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7 Lv8 Lv9 Lv10
1 Abe no Hirafu DEF Yore C5-7 Recovery+ (Amplify) Vitality+ (Sturdy) Stamina (Lv. 2) Vitality (Time +5s) Protection (Lv. 2) Zeal (Stock +2) Panacea (Reduce) Protection (Lv. 3) DEF Master (Lure) Tranquility
2 Abe no Seimei SPT Grace C1-7 Manhunter Novice Destroyer Verity (Lv. 1) Pursuit+ (Bolster) Fountain (Stock +1) Eruption (Reduce) Pursuit (Stock +2) Pursuit+ (Devour) Eruption (Stock +1) Knowledge (Lv. 3) SPT Master (Renewal)
3 Akechi Mitsuhide LCK War C5-18 Desperation Attack up (Lv. 2) Random (Stock +2) Random+ (ATK Style) Verity (Lv. 2) Fortune (Stock +2) Random (Reduce) Protection of Heroes Leech+ (Amplify) Carnage+ (Martyr)
4 Amakusa Shiro HLG Peace Extinguishment Tolerance (Lv. 2) Recovery+ (Heal) Vitality (Stock +1) Devotion Stamina (Lv. 2) Recovery (Stock +2) Zeal (Time +10s) Renewal (Lv. 2) HLG Master (Rally)
5 Amaterasu SPC Yore
6 Ano Yasuko LCK Honor LCK Master (Random) Random+ (Cautious) Random (Stock +3)
7 Arai Hakuseki SPC Peace Novice Destroyer Recovery (Stock +1) Stamina (Lv. 2) Sanctum (Stock +3) Zeal (Time +5s) Vitality (Time +5s) Conviction Sanctum+ (Quicken) Vitality (Reduce) Vitality+ (Zone)
8 Ashikaga Takauji DEF Honor C3-7 Tolerance (Lv. 3)
9 Ashikaga Yoshimasa SPD Honor
10 Ashikaga Yoshimitsu SPD Honor
11 Ashiya Doman DCT Grace C3-13 Affliction (Lv. 1) Verity (Lv. 2) Fitness (Lv. 1) Tenacity Illusion+ (Sturdy) Paradox (Time +5s) Puncture+ (Amplify) Puncture (Stock +3) Stealth (Lv. 2) Random+ (DCT Style)
12 Aterui DEF Grace Persistence Protection (Lv. 2) Chain Recovery (Stock +2) Shield (Stock +2) Renewal (Lv. 2) Evasion Barrier (Time +10s) Protection (Lv. 3) Barrier+ (Shred)
13 Benkei ATK Honor Assertion Attack up (Lv. 2) Stamina (Lv. 2) Leech (Stock +2) Persistence Taunt (Time +5s) Stamina (Lv. 3) Taunt+ (Damage) Taunt+ (Protect) Barrier (Time +10s)
14 Chacha SPT War P4-18 Eruption+ (Bolster) Ebullience Pursuit+ (Absorb) Fountain (Stock +1) Attack up (Lv. 2) Pursuit (Stock +1) Eruption (Reduce) Expert Destroyer SPT Master (Renewal) SPT Master (Purify)
15 Chiba Sanako SPD Chaos Restoration (Lv. 2) Energy (Stock +2) Verity (Lv. 2) Random (Stock +1) Restoration (Lv. 3) Fortune+ (Swift) Random+ (SPD Style) Expert Destroyer Restart Vigor+ (Link)
16 Chiba Shusaku SPC Chaos Fervor Charge Paradox + (Link) Paradox (Stock +1) Leech (Reduce) Paradox+ (Restrain) Leech+ (Quicken) Devotion Paradox+ (Brawn) Tempered Blade
17 Daikokuya Kodayu LCK Peace
18 Date Masamune ATK War Chain Verity (Lv. 2) Swordsmanship Carnage (Stock +1) Fountain (Reduce) Leech+ (Absorb) Stealth (Lv. 2) Verity (Lv. 3) Expert Destroyer Fountain+ (Bolster)
19 Dokyo HLG Grace Protection (Lv. 1) Zeal (Stock +2) Prescience Shield (Stock +1) Taunt+ (Amity) Persistence Barrier (Reduce) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Recuperation (Lv. 2) DEF Master (Protect)
20 En no Ozunu SPC Yore Recovery+ (Heal) Conviction Recovery+ (Amplify) Paradox (Stock +1) Renewal (Lv. 2) Warp (Stock +15) Sanctum (Time +10s) Protection (Lv. 4) Stone Wall Paradox (Time +5s)
21 Enomoto Takeaki SPT Chaos
22 Fujiwara no Hidesato DCT Grace C4-13
23 Fujiwara no Michinaga SPC Grace
24 Fujiwara no Sumitomo LCK Grace Random+ (SPT Style) Heroes' Rally Spin Doctor Persuit+ (Purify)
25 Fuma Kotaro SPD War
26 Go LCK Peace
27 Goto Matabei DEF War
28 Hatakeyama Shigetada DEF Honor Affliction (Lv. 2) Taunt (Stock +2) Stamina (Lv. 2) Puncture (Stock +1) Protection (Lv. 2) Ebullience Illusion+ (Sturdy) Protection (Lv. 3) Determination Stupor (Stock +1)
29 Hattori Hanzo SPD War P8-14 Chain Gymnast Energy (Stock +2) Swiftness Stealth (Lv. 2) Energy (Reduce) Taunt+ (Swift) Tranquility Application (Lv. 4) Energy+ (Swift)
30 Hijikata Toshizo DEF Chaos Protection (Lv. 2) Stone Wall Alertness Taunt (Stock +1) DEF Master (Augment) Recovery (Stock +2) DEF Master (Valiant) DEF Master (Lure) Protection (Lv. 3) Shield (Stock +3)
31 Hikaru Genji HLG Grace
32 Himiko SPC Yore C4-11 Alertness Chain Piety Warp (Stock +5) Warp+ (Teleport) Sanctum (Stock +2) Fitness (Lv. 2) Sanctum+ (Amplify) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Sanctum (Time +10s)
33 Hino Tomiko LCK Honor
34 Hiraga Gennai DCT Peace
35 Hojo Masako SPC Honor
36 Hojo Soun DEF War P8-1 Eruption (Stock +1) Fervor Stamina (Lv. 2) Shield (Stock +2) Protection (Lv. 2) Pursuit (Stock +3) Devastation Protection (Lv. 3) Barrier (Stock +1) Barrier (Time +10s)
37 Hojo Tokimune DCT Honor Affliction (Lv. 2) Swiftness Restart Fortune (Reduce) Affliction (Lv. 3) Random (Stock +2) Puncture (Stock +3) Stupor (Stock +1) Random+ (DCT Style) Fortune+ (Accuracy)
38 Honda Tadakatsu DEF War
39 Honganji Kennyo SPT War C5-5 Attack up (Lv. 2) Chain Fitness (Lv. 1) Pursuit (Stock +2) Knowledge (Lv. 2) Sanctum (Stock +2) Agitation Expert Destroyer Prescience Paradox+ (Bolster)
40 Hosokawa Gracia HLG War Recuperation (Lv. 1) Chain Vitality+ (Heal) Zeal (Stock +1) Recovery (Stock +2) Vitality (Stock +2) Vitality+ (Rigid) Vitality (Time +5s) Zeal+ (Rage) Vitality+ (Amplify)
41 Hozoin In'ei SPC War
42 Ii Naosuke DCT Chaos
43 Ikkyu SPC Honor C6-12 Sanctum+ (Quicken) Evasion Protection of Heroes Paradox+ (Link) Paradox (Reduce) Revival+ (Blessing) Random (Reduce) Fortune+ (Quicken) Fortune (Time +10s) Random+ (SPC Style)
44 Inugami No Mitasuki LCK Yore LCK Master (Fortune) Barrier+ (Link)
45 Ishida Mitsunari LCK War
46 Ishikawa Goemon LCK War C3-4 Random (Stock +2) Restart Incandescense
47 Issun-boshi LCK Honor
48 Iwasaki Yataro LCK Chaos Attack up (Lv. 2) Fervor Chance Fortune (Stock +2) Protection (Lv. 3) Random (Stock +2) Fortune (Reduce) Fortune+ (Amplify) Restart Attack up (Lv. 3)
49 Iyo HLG Yore
50 Izanagi SPD Yore DLC-2,C7-17 Cerberus,??? Wrath
51 Izanami DCT Yore
52 Izumi Shikibu LCK Grace
53 Izumo no Okuni SPT War C4-10 Attack up (Lv. 1) Antidote Knowledge (Lv. 2) Pursuit (Stock +1) Attack up (Lv. 2) Pursuit+ (Bolster) Pursuit+ (Leech) Knowledge (Lv. 3) SPT Master (Augment) SPT Master (Rigid)
54 Izumo Takeru DEF Yore
55 Jianzhen LCK Grace C5-9 Knowledge (Lv. 1) Fitness (Lv. 1) Renewal (Lv. 1) Random+ (SPC Style) Random (Stock +2) Sanctum+ (Hardy) Warp+ (Flight) Sanctum+ (Accuracy) Fortune+ (Remove) Heroes' Rally
56 Jiraiya DCT Peace Affliction (Lv. 2) Fervor Restoration (Lv. 2) Puncture (Stock +2 Illusion (Reduce) Warp+ (Accuracy) Puncture (Reduce) Charge Gymnast Puncture (Time +10s)
57 John Manjiro SPC Chaos
58 Kajiwara Kagetoki SPD Honor Protection (Lv. 1) Fervor Verity (Lv. 2) Energy (Stock +2) Application (Lv. 2) Zeal (Stock +2) Taunt+ (Swift) Verity (Lv. 3) Recovery (Stock +2) Shield+ (Link)
59 Kakinomoto no Hitomaro SPD Yore
60 Kamiizumi Nobutsuna SPC War
61 Kamo no Chomei DCT Honor P6-10 Swiftness Affliction (Lv. 2) Energy (Reduce) Stupor (Stock +1) Affliction (Lv. 3) Energy (Time +10s) Expert Destroyer Agility+ (Sneak) Stupor (Reduce) Vigor+ (Sneak)
62 Kamo no Tadayuki DCT Grace P7-12 Protection (Lv. 2) Illusion+ (Sturdy) Protection (Lv. 3) DCT Master (Sneak) Puncture+ (Amplify) Taunt (Stock +2) Taunt (Time +10s) DEF Master (Lure) DEF Master (Resist) Illusion (Stock +3)
63 Kano Eitoku SPT War C5-5
64 Kasamori Osen LCK Peace
65 Katsu Kaishu SPC Chaos C5-12 Sanctum (Stock +1) Assertion Piety Warp (Stock +5) Fitness (Lv. 2) Sanctum+ (Accuracy) Sanctum (Reduce) Sanctum (Time +5s) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Sanctum+ (Quicken)
66 Katsura Kogoro LCK Chaos
67 Katsushika Hokusai DEF Peace
68 Keishoin SPT Peace
69 Ki no Tsurayuki SPT Grace
70 Kiichi Hogen DEF Honor Chain DEF Master (Valiant) Taunt (Stock +2) SPT Master (Rigid) Tenacity Fountain (Stock +2) Eruption (Reduce) Fitness (Lv. 2) Prescience SPT Master (Devote)
71 Kiso Yoshinaka ATK Honor Warmth Attack up (Lv. 2) Might+ (Surprise) Puncture+ (Accuracy) Illusion (Stock +1) Dissection (Focus) Puncture (Reduce) Leech (Stock +2) Attack up (Lv. 3) Leech (Time +10s)
72 Kondo Isami ATK Chaos C7-14 Tenacity Attack up (Lv. 2) Chain Leech (Stock +2) Swordsmanship Random (Stock +2) Fortune (Time +5s) Random+ (ATK Style) Restart Fortune+ (Accuracy)
73 Kukai SPC Grace C6-5 Fitness (Lv. 1) Sanctum+ (Accuracy) Piety Warp (Stock +5) Fitness (Lv. 2) Warp+ (Reverse) Sanctum (Reduce) Sanctum (Time +10s) SPC Master (Purify) Paradox+ (Restrain)
74 Kumaso Takeru LCK Yore
75 Kunisada Chuji LCK Peace C5-8 Attack up (Lv. 1) Fortune (Time +5s) Chain Fortune (Stock +2) SPT Master (Devote) Eruption+ (Accuracy) Desperation Attack up (Lv. 3) Fortune+ (Wraith) Fountain+ (Bolster)
76 Kusaka Genzui SPT Chaos
77 Kusunoki Masashige ATK Honor C5-2
78 Kuzunoha HLG Grace
79 Lady Atsu HLG Chaos P9-12
80 Lady Fuse SPC Peace P8-10 Sanctum+ (Quicken) Chain Piety Sanctum (Stock +3) Sanctum (Reduce) Sanctum+ (Amplify) Energy (Time +10s) Agility (Stock +2) Application (Lv. 4) Agility+ (Quicken)
81 Lady Kaguya DEF Grace
82 Lady Kasuga SPT Peace
83 Lady No DCT War
84 Lady Ototachibana SPD Yore
85 Lady Sen HLG Peace
86 Lady Shizuka SPT Honor Knowledge (Lv. 2) Fountain (Reduce) Recovery+ (Heal) Fountain (Stock +2) Knowledge (Lv. 3) Paradox+ (Bolster) DCT Master (Assault) Knowledge (Lv. 4) SPT Master (Devote) Fountain+ (Surprise)
87 Lady Sotoori HLG Yore C7-3 Tolerance (Lv. 2) Lifesaver Stamina (Lv. 2) Zeal+ (Wraith) Zeal+ (Amplify) Fountain (Stock +2) Fountain (Attract) Zeal+ (Swift) SPT Master (Renewal) Pursuit+ (Devour)
88 Lady Suzuka SPC Grace P7-12 Panacea (Stock +1)
89 Lady Takiyasha DCT Grace
90 Lady Tokiwa HLG Honor Recuperation (Lv. 1) Recovery (Stock +1) Zeal (Stock +2) Lifesaver Tolerance (Lv. 2) Zeal+ (Amplify) Zeal (Reduce) Zeal (Time +5s) Zeal (Ardor) Zeal+ (Accuracy)
91 Lady Tomoe ATK Honor Carnage (Time +10s)
92 Lady Yamato SPT Yore
93 Maeda Keiji LCK War
94 Matsu HLG War Zeal (Stock +3)
95 Matsuo Basho DCT Peace
96 Minamoto no Hiromasa SPD Grace Energy+ (Bonus)
97 Minamoto no Tametomo ATK Honor Energy+ (Bonus)
98 Minamoto no Yorimasa SPC Honor P8-4 SPC Master (Quicken) Chain Devastation Warp (Stock +10) Fitness (Lv. 2) Might (Stock +2) Attack up (Lv. 4) Warp+ (Accuracy) Might+ (Rage) ATK Master (Amplify)
99 Minamoto no Yorimitsu ATK Grace Attack up (Lv. 1) Stamina (Lv. 2) Chain Leech (Stock +1) Might+ (Rage) Novice Destroyer Might (Reduce) Might (Time +10s) Might (Stock +3) Fitness (Lv. 2)
100 Minamoto no Yoritomo DEF Honor DLC-1
101 Minamoto no Yoshitsune SPD Honor P8-19 Master Destroyer
102 Mito Mitsukuni SPC Grace C7-5 Swiftness Warp (Bonus) Piety Sanctum (Stock +2) Fitness (Lv. 2) Warp (Stock +10) Warp (Reduce) SPC Master (Purify) Paradox (Stock +1) Warp+ (Teleport)
103 Miyamoto Musashi ATK War P8-1 Gouge Master Carnage (Reduce) Carnage+ (Link)
104 Momotaro SPD Honor
105 Mononobe no Moriya DEF Yore C7-10 Recuperation (Lv. 1) Protection (Lv. 2) Stone Wall Vitality+ (Sturdy) Taunt (Reduce) Shield (Valiant) Recovery+ (Amplify) Taunt (Stock +3) Taunt+ (Sturdy) Protection (Lv. 4)
106 Mori Motonari DCT War C6-3 Stealth (Lv. 1) Ebullience Recovery (Stock +2) Illusion (Stock +3) Illusion+ (Hardy) Devastation Gymnast Determination Illusion+ (Sturdy) Affliction (Lv. 4)
107 Murasaki Shikibu SPD Grace Chain Prescience ATK Master (Amplify) Energy (Stock +3) Piety Energy+ (Quicken) SPT Master (Purify) Vigor (Stock +1) Recovery+ (Blessing) SPC Master (Purify)
108 Nakano Takeko ATK Chaos Recovery+ (Heal) Relaxation Resillience Zeal+ (Rage) Lifesaver Recovery (Stock +2) Attack up (Lv. 2) Recovery+ (Bonus) Recovery+ (Amplify) Vitality (Stock +2)
109 Nakaoka Shintaro SPC Chaos C5-1 Extinguishment Sanctum+ (Hardy) Piety Illusion+ (Sturdy) Illusion+ (Sanctity) Wrath Puncture (Reduce) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Illusion (Stock +2) Sanctum (Stock +3)
110 Nakatomi No Kamatari SPC Yore Prescience Fitness (Lv. 2) Sanctum+ (Amplify) Warp (Reduce) Persuit (Reduce) Fountain (Reduce) Persuit+ (Track) SPC Master (Quicken) Expert Destroyer SPT Master (Augment)
111 Naoe Kanetsugu DEF War
112 Nasu no Yoichi SPT Honor Pursuit+ (Accuracy) Verity (Lv. 4) Surveyance
113 Nene SPC War
114 Nezumi Kozo SPD Peace
115 Niijima Yae SPT Chaos C7-2 Pursuit+ (Leech) Devastation Knowledge (Lv. 2) Pursuit (Stock +1) Eruption+ (Bolster) Pursuit+ (Bolster) Fountain+ (Bolster) Greed Fitness (Lv. 2) Knowledge (Lv. 4)
116 Ninomiya Sontoku HLG Peace
117 Nitta Yoshisada DEF Honor Protection (Lv. 2) Verity (Lv. 2) Protection of Heroes Taunt (Stock +2) Taunt+ (Sturdy) Fortune (Stock +2) Random (Reduce) Protection (Lv. 3) Random+ (DEF Style) Tranquility
118 Nomi no Sukune ATK Yore C7-15 Flying Blade Leech (Time +5s) Lure (Lv. 2) Taunt+ (Swift) Relaxation Might (Reduce) Perseverance Attack up (Lv. 3) Evasion ATK Master (Amplify)
119 O no Yasumaro DEF Grace Protection (Lv. 1) Taunt (Stock +1) Stamina (Lv. 2) Protection (Lv. 2) Lure (Lv. 2) Tranquility Shield (Reduce) Shield (Valiant) Protection (Lv. 3) Shield (Stock +3)
120 Oda Nobunaga SPC War C5-18 Heroes' Rally Perseverance Warp (Reduce) Sanctum (Stock +1) Fitness (Lv. 2) Paradox+ (Surprise) Paradox (Time +5s) Restart Prescience SPC Master (Quicken)
121 Ogata Koan HLG Chaos Verity (Lv. 1) Tolerance (Lv. 2) Stamina (Lv. 2) Vitality (Stock +2) Leech+ (Absorb) Leech (Stock +1) Might (Reduce) Stamina (Lv. 3) Fitness (Lv. 2) Devotion
122 Oichi ATK War
123 Oishi Kuranosuke SPD Peace C7-13
124 Oiwa SPT Peace
125 Okada Izo SPD Chaos C7-14
126 Okita Soji ATK Chaos C7-6 Swiftness Chain Verity (Lv. 3) Might (Stock +3) Gymnast Energy (Time +10s) Vigor+ (Rigid) Attack up (Lv. 4) Prescience Vigor+ (Special)
127 Okubo Toshimichi HLG Chaos
128 Ono no Imoko LCK Yore Renewal (Lv. 1) Heroes' Rally Vitality (Time +10s) Random (Stock +2) Attack up (Lv. 2) Zeal (Stock +2) Panacea (Reduce) Attack up (Lv. 3) Leech+ (Amplify) Recovery+ (Blessing)
129 Ono no Komachi SPD Grace
130 Ooka Echizen SPT Peace C7-5 Attack up (Lv. 2) Chain Heroes' Rally Fountain (Stock +2) Fitness (Lv. 1) Paradox (Time +5s) Pursuit+ (Absorb) Attack up (Lv. 3) Pursuit+ (Devour) Fountain+ (Attract)
131 Oryo DEF Chaos Lure (Lv. 1 Chain Stamina (Lv. 2) Taunt (Stock +2) Taunt+ (Sturdy) Chance Taunt (Reduce) DEF Master (Lure) Protection (Lv. 3) Shield+ (Link)
132 Ota Dokan HLG War
133 Otose HLG Chaos
134 Prince Naka-no-Oe DEF Yore
135 Prince Shotoku DCT Yore Stoutness Swordsmanship Puncture (Stock +1) Puncture+ (Shoot) Punction (Reduce) Stamina (Lv. 3) DCT Master (Assault) Puncture+ (Amplify) Verity (Lv. 3) DCT Master (Wraith)
136 Princess Nukata SPT Yore C4-14,P4 Attack up (Lv. 1) Pursuit (Stock +2) Knowledge (Lv. 2) Might (Stock +1) Attack up (Lv. 2) Might+ (Attributes) Leech (Reduce) Expert Destroyer Leech+ (Absorb) Knowledge (Lv. 3)
137 Raiden Tame'emon DEF Peace Fortitude
138 Saicho SPD Grace C5-9
139 Saigo Takamori DEF Chaos
140 Saigyo SPT Grace Eruption+ (Raid)
141 Saika Magoichi SPT War C3-9
142 Saito Dosan DCT War
143 Saito Hajime SPD Chaos C7-4 Chain Knowledge (Lv. 3) Devotion Stamina (Lv. 3) Dissection (Focus) Verity (Lv. 3) Vigor (Time +10s) Expert Destroyer Application (Lv. 4) SPD Master (Reduce)
144 Sakamoto Otome ATK Chaos C7-4 Charge Verity (Lv. 2) Fervor Puncture+ (Accuracy) Leech (Stock +2) Might (Time +10s) Devotion Warp+ (Accuracy) Verity (Lv. 3) Sanctum+ (Accuracy)
145 Sakamoto Ryoma LCK Chaos Determination Swordsmanship Dissection (Health) Fortune+ (Amplify) Lure (Lv. 2) Random+ (Gamble) Fortune+ (Quicken) Warp+ (Reverse) Fortune+ (Miracle) Sanctum+ (Accuracy)
146 Sakanoue no Tamuramaro ATK Grace Swordsmanship Application (Lv. 2) Knowledge (Lv. 2) Might (Stock +2) Leech+ (Rigid) Might (Time +5s) Might (Reduce) Might+ (Attributes) Affliction (Lv. 4) Carnage+ (Destroy)
147 Sakata no Kintoki DEF Grace C7-8 Taunt+ (Protect) Protection (Lv. 2) Recovery+ (Range) Shield (Stock +3) Lifesaver Stamina (Lv. 4) Shield+ (Range) Vitality+ (Sturdy) Restoration (Lv. 3) Recovery+ (Blessing)
148 Sanada Yukimura ATK War C7-9 Dissection (Focus) Chain Verity (Lv. 2) Fervor Attack up (Lv. 3) Zeal+ (Accuracy) Might+ (Nimble) Might (Reduce) Verity (Lv. 3) Might (Time +10s)
149 Sarutobi Sasuke SPD War C5-5 Chain Application (Lv. 1) Energy (Stock +1) Energy (Time +5s) Restoration (Lv. 2) Agility (Stock +2) Agility (Reduce) Verity (Lv. 3) Application (Lv. 3) Agility+ (Dual)
150 Sasaki Doyo LCK Honor Antidote Puncture (Reduce) Recovery+ (Blessing) Fortune (Stock +2) Fortune (Time +5s) Fortune+ (Remove) Persistence Fortune+ (Surprise) Illusion+ (Sanctity) Puncture+ (Accuracy)
151 Sasaki Kojiro SPD War
152 Sei Shonagon HLG Grace
153 Semimaru SPT Grace C3-2 Restoration (Lv. 1) Swiftness Knowledge (Lv. 2) Pursuit (Stock +2) Chain Energy (Stock +2) Evasion Vigor+ (Wraith) Vigor+ (Nimble) Expert Destroyer
154 Sen no Rikyu HLG War
155 Sesshu DCT Honor
156 Shakushain SPD Peace C4-15 Chain Knowledge (Lv. 2) Verity (Lv. 2) Energy (Stock +2) Fountain+ (Surprise) Pursuit (Stock +2) Gymnast Application (Lv. 3) SPT Master (Renewal) Pursuit+ (Devour)
157 Shimizu no Jirocho LCK Chaos
158 Shishido Baiken DCT War
159 Shunten HLG Honor DLC-1 Cerberus
160 Soga no Iruka DCT Yore C4-3
161 Soga no Umako DCT Yore
162 Sugawara no Michizane SPC Grace C6-10 Swiftness Heroes' Rally Warp+ (Accuracy) Warp (Stock +10) Warp+ (Bonus) Energy (Stock +2) Vigor (Reduce) Application (Lv. 4) Expert Destroyer Energy+ (Quicken)
163 Susano'o ATK Yore
164 Taira no Atsumori SPT Honor
165 Taira no Kiyomori SPD Honor Application (LV. 1) Agility (Stock +3)
166 Taira no Masakado ATK Grace
167 Taira no Noritsune ATK Honor
168 Takahashi Deishu DEF Chaos P4-6 Protection (Lv. 1) Persistence Shield (Stock +1) Piety Protection (Lv. 2) Random (Stock +2) Taunt (Stock +3) Protection (Lv. 3) Restart Fortune+ (Sturdy)
169 Takasugi Shinsaku SPD Chaos
170 Takeda Shingen DCT War Puncture (Time +5s) Leech (Stock +3) Illusion (Time +10s) Affliction (Lv. 3) Stupor (Stock +1)
171 Takenouchi no Sukune SPT Yore
172 Tamamo-no-Mae HLG Honor
173 Tanaka Hisashige DCT Chaos
174 Tenkai HLG Peace
175 Tojiko no Iratsume SPT Yore
176 Tokugawa Iemitsu SPC Peace C4-9 Piety Dissection (Focus) Warp (Stock +5) Paradox (Stock +1) Paradox (Reduce) Stoutness Fitness (Lv. 2) Paradox+ (Surprise) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Paradox+ (Bolster)
177 Tokugawa Ieyasu DEF Peace P4-10 Taunt+ (Sturdy) Stamina (Lv. 2) Taunt (Reduce) Taunt (Stock +1) Protection (Lv. 3) Recovery (Stock +1) Taunt+ (Amity) Shield (Reduce) Stone Wall DEF Master (Valiant)
178 Tokugawa Yoshimune ATK Peace Attack up (Lv. 1) Attack up (Lv. 2) Stamina (Lv. 2) Leech (Stock +2) Might+ (Nimble) Verity (Lv. 2) Leech+ (Quicken) Verity (Lv. 3) Might+ (Sturdy) Attack up (Lv. 4)
179 Tokugawa Yoshinobu DCT Chaos C7-6 Perseverance Swordsmanship Evasion Illusion (Stock +2 Verity (Lv. 2) Stupor (Stock +1) Stupor (Reduce) Dissection (Focus) Verity (Lv. 3) Stupor (Time +2s)
180 Toshusai Sharaku SPT Peace
181 Toyama Kinshiro ATK Peace
182 Toyotomi Hideyoshi SPD War
183 Tsukahara Bokuden DEF War Extinguishment Restoration (Lv. 1) Energy (Time +5s) Tranquility Protection (Lv. 2) Expert Destroyer Vigor (Reduce) Energy+ (Lure) Taunt (Stock +2) Taunt+ (Swift)
184 Tsukuyomi HLG Yore
185 Uesugi Kenshin ATK War C6-3 Leech+ (Wraith)
186 Unkei HLG Honor
187 Urashima Taro SPD Yore C4-11 Lure (Lv. 1 Swordsmanship Verity (Lv. 2) Agility (Stock +2) Application (Lv. 2) Fortune (Stock +2) Random (Reduce) Verity (Lv. 3) Protection of Heroes Random+ (SPD Style)
188 Watanabe no Tsuna ATK Grace Protection (Lv. 2) Attack up (Lv. 2) Dissection (Health) Barrier (Reduce) Stamina (Lv. 2) Shield (Stock +2) Might (Stock +2) Attack up (Lv. 3) Taunt+ (Damage) Shield+ (Link)
189 Xu Fu HLG Yore Puncture+ (Absorb)
190 Yagyu Jubei ATK Peace
191 Yagyu Munenori ATK Peace Carnage (Time +5s)
192 Yamamoto Kansuke SPC War
193 Yamanoue no Okura DCT Grace Warmth Persistence Stamina (Lv. 2) Puncture (Stock +2) Eruption+ (Sneak) Vitality (Reduce) Pursuit+ (Surprise) Verity (Lv. 3) Fountain+ (Surprise) Zeal (Time +10s)
194 Yamaoka Tesshu ATK Chaos Puncture+ (Absorb)
195 Yamato Takeru ATK Yore
196 Yoshida Kenko SPC Honor
197 Yoshida Shoin DCT Chaos
198 Yoshino Dayu DCT Peace Affliction (Lv. 1) Antidote Lifesaver Leech+ (Amplify) Restoration (Lv. 2) Zeal (Stock +2) Vitality+ (Heal) Zeal+ (Amplify) Vitality (Stock +3) Panacea (Reduce)
199 Yui Shosetsu DEF Peace
200 Zeami SPT Honor Tolerance (Lv. 2) SPT Master (Rigid) Knowledge (Lv. 2) Persuit (Stock +2) Persuit+ (Leech) Tranquility Shield (Reduce) Taunt (Time +10s) Tolerance (Lv. 3) Barrier+ (Awe)
201 Ame-no-Uzume  ???  ???
202 Ejima  ???  ???
203 Kuro  ???  ???
204 Otohime  ???  ???
205 Takenaka Hanbei  ???  ???
206 Toro  ???  ???