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Small Oni

Name Normal Drops EX Drops
Imp Tenacious Claw, Abdomen, Soil Avaricious Fang
Dark Imp Avaricious Claw, Underworld Souvenir, Soil Miasmatic abdomen
Pale Imp Voracious Fang, Luminous Shard, Shattered Horn, Petrified Bone White drum, Hardened Oni Skin
Blazing Soul Red Eye, Horned Skull, Soil Flame sprite
Shadow Soul Green Eye, Golden Skull Light sprite
Poisonspitter Toxic Fang, Strong Joint, Soil Filum Sac
Sleepspitter Hypno Fang, Violet Needle, Soul Serum, Deformed Bone Dream Bellows, Hardened Oni Skin
Aurwing Large Ear, Mordant Fang, Soil Carapace
Dark Aurwing Long Tail, Unclean Ear, Soil Black carapace
Pale Aurwing Energy Cell, White Ear, Oni Bone, Deformed Skin Insulator, Hardened Oni bone
Earthfang Wet Skin, Tunneling Fang, Soil Photoreceptor, Hardened Oni Bone
Frostfang Unclean Hide, Elastic Band, Soul Serum, Mysterious Fang Moonstone, Mysterious claw (L)
Drumble Snakeskin, Large Fang, Viscous Mud, Deformed Skin Mutant Sac, Hardened Oni Bone
Umbrapod White Snakeskin, Shortfoot Haku sac
Crawler Crawler's Claw, Metal Skin, Oni Skin, Mysterious Claw Armor breaker, Small horn
Frostcrawler Unclean Metal Skin, Hard Back Spike, Petrified Bone Thick metal bone, Mysterios fang (L)
Thorntongue Spiky Tongue, Toad Oil, Soul Serum, Mysterious Claw Toxic Pool, Small Horn
Firetongue Unclean Tongue,Grief sac,Soul shard,Jet black claw Miasma hump, Cryptid bone
Rockshell Stone Shell, Thrusting Horn, Oni Bone, Deformed Bone Stomping Foot, Hardened Oni Bone
Blistershell Foul Red Shell, Scorched Horn, Deformed Skin Sturdy Plastron, Mysterious fang (L)
Howler Tiger Pelt, Wriggling Snake Tail, Oni Skin, Mysterious Fang Large monkey fang, Small horn
Blitzer Soul Shredder, Golden Fur, Shattered Horn, Petrified Bone Black tiger pelt, Mysterious claw (L)
Sickleclaw Sickleclaw Talon, Fire Starter, Oni Skin, Mysterious Claw Blaze Bag, Hardened Oni Bone
Soulreaper Golden Carapace, Golden Reaper, Soul Shard, Jet Black Claw Armored tail, Mysterious fang (L)
Razortalon Black Feather, Raptor Talon, Oni Bone, Mysterious Fang Black wing quill, Small horn
Goldentalon Gold Feather, Soul-pecking beak, Soul Shard, Jet black claw Gold wing quill, Cryptid bone

Medium Oni

Name Normal Drops EX Drops

Large Oni (Bosses)

Name Normal Drops EX Drops
Manhunter White thread, Manhunter mane, Abyss Drop, Manhunter Hornbit, Manhunter Sickle, Black Exoskeleton, Manhunter Claw, Black Sand, Voice of Anguish, Soul Crystal, Eye of Truth Mask Pure White Thread, Manhunter Horn, Jetblack Exoskeleton, Manhunter Razor, Oni's Tear, Moan of Lament, Polyhedron Crystal
Bloodhunter Rock Pellet, Bloodhunter Mane, True Abyss Drop, Bloodhunter Hornbit, Bloohunter Sickle, White Exoskeleon, Bloodhunter Caw, Voice of Lament, Voice of Resentment, Whisper of Affection Hard Rock Pellet, Hades Drop, Bloodhunter Horn, Fatal Sickle, Pale Exoskeleton, Bloodhunter Razor, Moan of Lament, Polyhedron Crystal, Roar of Valor
Windshredder Windshredder Shell, Golden Mane, Dust Storm, Windshredder Hornbit, Airblade, Windshredder Claw, Quick Leg Shell, Gale Tail, Black Sand, Voice of Lament, Voice of Despair Hardened Windshell, Whirling Dust, Windshredder Horns, Sharp Airblade, Windshredder Razor, Hard Quick Leg Shell, Squall Tail, Oni's Tear, Moan of Lament, Polyhedron Crystal
Skyshredder Skyshredder Shell, Platinum Mane, Skyshredder Hornbit, Skyblade, Skyshredder Claw, Flying Leg Shell, Storm Tail, Voice of Anguish, Voice of Resentment, Whisper of Affection, Eye of Truth Mask Skyshredder Horns, Sharp Skyblade, Oni's Tear, Moan of Anguish, Roar of Valor
Jollux Adamantine Hair, Surfeit Molar, Revolving Mountain, Jollux Hornbit, Horned Mountains, Jollux Arm Shell, Jollux Leg Shell, Oni's Club, Voice of Anguish, Soul Crystal, Eye of Truth Mask Strong Adamantine, Flowing Mountain, Jollux Horns, Divine Mountains, Rocky Arm Shell, Rocky Leg Shell, Moan of Anguish, Polyhedron crystal, Roar of Valor
Edax Ice Fur, Sea Maw, Ripple Drop, Edax Hornbit, Icy Mountains, Edax Arm Shell, Edax Leg Shell, Black Sand, Voice of Regret, Whisper of Affection, Eye of Truth Mask Frozen ice fur, Tide drop, Edax horns, Submerged mountains, Ice arm shell, Ice leg shell, Onis's tear, Moan os lament, Polyhedron crystal, Eye of Truth mask
Pyropteryx Blazebird Ruff, Crimson Crest, Heat Haze, Pyropteryx Hornbit, Hot Breastplate, Blazebird Wing, Scarlet Wing, Blazebird Claw, Blazebird Tail, Oni's Club, Voice of Lament, Voice of Despair, Eye of Truth Mask Blazebird beak, Sea fire, Pyropterex horn, Sizzling breastplate, Flexible bone, Hellfire wing, Blazebird spur, Blazebird plume, Moan of anguish, Moan of despair, Roar of valor, Eye of Truth mask
Astrapteryx Lusterbird Ruff, Blue Crest, Distant Thunder, Astrapteryx Hornbit, Numbing Breastplate, Lusterbird Wing, Thunder Wing, Lusterbird Claw, Lusterbird Tail, Voice of Lament, Voice of Resentment, Otherworldly Material,Eye of Truth mask Lusterbird beak,Thunder clap,Astrapteryx horn,Shocking breastplate,Shock resistant bone,Divine thunder wing,Lusterbird spur,Lusterbird plume,Oni's tear,Moan of lament,Moan of despair,Eye of Truth mask
Terragrinder Sliding Skin, Rare Ore, Pulsing Stone, Terragrinder Hornbit, Drill Tooth, Scarlet Fin, Terragrinder Claw, Scarlet Claw, Terragrinder Sword, Terragrinder fanfin, Black Sand, Voice of Anguish, Soul Crystal, Eye of Truth mask Otherworldly stone, Lifestone, Terragrinder horn, Hardened drill tooth, Strong earth fin, Strong scarlet fin,Terragrinder razor, Sharp scarlet claw, Sharp earth fin, Hard eart fanfin, Moan of anguish, Moan of despair, Roar of valor, Eye of Truth mask
Pyrogrinder Frictional skin, Primordial ore, Lava jewel, Pyrogrinder Hornbit, Excavation fang, Pyrogrinder fin, Amber fin, Pyrogrinder claw, Amber claw, Pyrogrinder swordfin, Pyrogrinder fanfin, Oni's club, Voice of resentment, Voice of valor, Eye of Truth mask Earth's navel, Egg of creation, Pyrogrinder horn, Hard excavation fang, Strong fire fin, Strong amber fin, Pyrogrinder razor, Sharp amber claw, Sharp fire fin, Hard fire fanfin, Oni's tear, Polyhedron crystal, Moan of despair, Eye of Truth mask
Harrowhalf Harrowhalf Hair, Hundred Fang Maw, Blazing Ice Sword, Harrowhalf Hornbit, Strange Shield, Flame Fist, Ice Fist, Firesummoner, IceSummoner, Oni's Club, Voice of Lament, Voice of Despair, Eye of Truth Mask Mutant Shield, Inferno Fist, Frozen Fist, Mighty Firesummoner, Mighty Icesummoner, Moan of Resentment, Moan of Despair
Dreadhalf Thousand Fang Maw, Stone Stormsword, Earthfist, Earthsummoner, Dreadhalf Beard, Thunderfist, Mighty Stormsummoner, Moan of Lament, Moan of Regret, Vow of Love,Eye of Truth mask Dreadhalf beard,Bedrock Stromsword,Dreadhalf horns,Hades shield,Earthquake fist,Thunder fist,Mighty eartsummoner,Mighty stromsummoner,Moan of lament,Moan of regret,Vow of love,Eye of Truth mask
Viper Queen Scaly Skin, Wisdom Fang, Water Spirit, Viper Queen Hornbit, Spiral Fragment, High Tide Pearl, Dream Claw, Whitewater Skin, Blackwater Skin, Black Sand, Voice of Regret, Whisper of Affection, Eye of Truth mask Touch scaly skin,Rain dragon,Viper queen horns,Explosive spiral,Low tide pearl,Large dream claw,True whitewater skin,Blackwater horn,Moan of anguish,Moan of resentment,Polyhydron crystal,Eye of Truth mask
Venom Queen N/A Green scale armor,Serpent fang,Strom dragon,Venom queen horns,Explosive ash spiral,Dragon pearl,Large strom claw,True green snake skin,Blue snake horn,Moan of resentment,Moan of regret,Vow of love,Eye of Truth mask
Bladewing Explosive Stone, White Down, Floating Rock, Bladewing Hornbit, Stoneblade Wing, Bladewing Talon, Oni's Club, Voice of Regret, Soul Crystal Bladewing plume,Floating gemstone,Bladewing horns,Adamantine wing,Bladewing spur,Moan of resentment,Moan of submission,Vow of love
Frostwing N/A Frostwing plume,Blue down,Flying glacier,Frostwing horns,Deep ice wing,Frostwing spur,Moan of regret,Moan of submission,Moan of despair,Eye of Truth mask
Chthonian Fiend Pulsating Lava, Chthonian Cloak, Shadowflame, Chthonian Hornbit, Chthonian Beads, Chthonian Arm Shell, Scorching Stonespike, Chthonian Leg Shell, Red Hot Claw, Chthonian Tail, Flaming Lotus, Voice of Resentment, Voice of Despair, Otherworldly Mineral, Eye of Truth Mask Infernal lava,Infernal shadowflame,Chthonian horn,Chthonian rosary,Hard Chthonian arm,Inferno Stonespike,Hard Chthonian leg,White hot claw,Chthonian rocktail,Hell fire lotus,Moan of submission,Vow of love,Song of Hope,Eye of Truth mask
Abyssal Fiend N/A Infernal silver,Abyssal cloak,Dark light,Abyssal horn,Abyssal rosary,Hard Abyssal arm,Calamity stonespike,Hard Abyssal leg,Heaven thunderclaw,Abyssal rocktail,Heaven thunderlotus,Polyhydron crystal,Vow of love,Roar of valor,Eye of Truth mask
Hell's Warden Silver Mane, Protective Shell, Thunderice Breath, Warden Hornbit, Shell Armament, Shell Cannon, Electric Horn, Silver Scales, Gust Tail, Voice of Regret, Soul Crystal, Voice of Valor Severing shell,Thunderice strom,Warden horn,Shell platfrom,Shell turret,Lightning horn,True silver scales,Tornado tail,Moan of submission,Vow of love,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask ( both low and high )
Hell's Sentinel N/A Shearing shell,Underworld shell,Heaven's fireball,Sentinel horn,Flame armament,Flame cannon,Attack skyhorn,Large Scorch claw,Underworld tail,Moan of despair,Vow of love,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask
Nightblade Nightblade Plastron, Ancient Helmet, Jetblack Snake, Nightblade Hornbit, Shattered Skull, Turbulent Thorn, Huge Arm Shell, War Arm, Nightblade Snake, Voice of Despair, Otherworldly Mineral, Voice of Valor,Eye of Truth mask Hard plastron,Destructive snake,Nightblade horn,Large cranium,Miasmatic thorn,Strong arm shell,Srong arm spike,Mighty war arm, Nightblade snake ( L ),Moan of resentment,Moan of regret,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask
Sableblade N/A Hard sable plastron,Large twisted fang,Flameice dragon,Sable horn,Large horn,Miasmatic spike,Blue arm shell,Blue arm spike,Mighty battle arm,Large dragon tail,Moan of submission,Roar of valor,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask
Cimmerian King Cimmerian Armor, Cimmerian Helmet, Evil Shadow, Cimmerian Hornbit, King's Wing, Large King's Wing, Golden Blade, Golden Arm Shell, Beast Fang, Beast Claw, Beast Tail, Whisper of Affection, Otherworldly Mineral, Voice of Valor,Eye of Truth mask King's armor,Vortex shadow,Cimmerian horn,King's halo,True king's wing,Golden sword,Soul arm,True beast fang,Sharp beast claw,Giant beast tail,Moan of resentment,Moan of submission,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask
Amaranthine King N/A Royal armor,Amaranthine helmet,Perpetual vacuum,Amaranthine horn,Royal halo,True royal wing,Great royal axe,Accursed arm,Enormous beast fang,Enormous beast claw,Enormous beast tail,Moan of regret,Moan of submission,Song of hope,Eye of Truth mask
Cerberus N/A Guardian's speartip,Infernal shadowflame, Abyssal cloak,Dark light,Vortex shadow,Perpetual vacuum,Rocky arm shell,Ice arm shell,Large dream claw,Large strom claw,Golden sword,Soul arm,Great royal axe,Accursed arm,Golden skull,Light sprite,Short foot,Haku sac,Gold nugget,Pure Haku,Eye of Truth mask
Aurogrinder N/A Gold scale,Gemgold scale, Aurogrinder hornbit, Aurogrinder pincers, Aurogrinder cutters, Aurogrinder claw, Aurogrinder goldclaw, Gold thorn, Sparkle thorn, Gold tail
Cimmerian Queen
Brute claw
Scorpion Claw
Blade tail
Brute Beast
Wreack Beast
Tokiwa no Orochi
Tenrin Kaija

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