A Imp who has devored a large number of souls obtaining a characteristic pale coloration. This Imp is more dangerous than her counterparts.


Capable of using earth attacks plus the common habilities of a Imp.


Pale Imps are stronger than other Imps and can use earth attacks, in group can be dangerous for low rank slayers.


-This is the unique type of Imp that can drop mitamas.

-Her bellies are plenty of ethereal energy proceding of the souls they consumed.


Materials Description
Voracious fang The fang of a Pale Imp. Has greedily devoured many souls.
Luminous shard Part of a glowing orb left by a Pale Imp. Belived to be a fragment of a pure soul
Shattered horn A horn that has been broken into many pieces. It would be difficult to put back together.
Petrified bone A bone from something that has turned to stone. It is unclear whether it fossilized over time or was influenced by the Otherworld.
White drum The belly skin of a Pale Imp. Gives off an Ethereal energy due to the power of the souls trapped inside.
Hardened Oni skin The hide of a small Oni that has become harder than normal. Extremely durable.
Clinging claw A Pale Imp's twisted claws, sharper and more deadly than usual. Not easy to shake off once embedded.
Writhing mud Extremely sticky substance similar to mud. In constant movement. Thought to comprise the most vital parts inside the bodies of small Oni.


Name Typ Age Quest
Yoshino Dayu DCT Peace Chapter Mission 3-5
Ano Yasuko LCK Honor Chapter Mission 7-16