A Blazing Soul that resides in the borders beetween dimensions, they are invisible unless a Slayer use the eye of truth. Instead of being red, Shadow Soul is yellow and green and is inbued in sky power. Her eyes are made of mineral.


Breaths fire and sky.


Invisible unless a slayer uses eye of truth, barely a danger but is a rare and valuable foe.


-Is one of the two Onis completely invisibles


Material Description
Green eye The eyeball of a Shadow Soul. Composed differently than the eyes of normal creatures, it is mineral-like. Glitters beautifully like a gemstone.
Golden skull The skull of a Shadow Soul. Gives off a golden glow. Popular among the refined and affluent.
Light sprite A sparkling crystal left by a Shadow Soul. Imbued with the pure power of sky
Bright sprite A sparkling crystal left by a Shadow Soul.Contains a vast reserve of the power of the sky.