Toukiden: The Age of Demons
Box Art-Toukiden The Age of Demons PSVita NA
Developer(s): Omega Force, Team NINJA, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher(s): Koei-Tecmo
Release Date: Flags-Japan: June 27, 2013
Flags-United States of America: February 11, 2014
Flags-Europe: February 14, 2014
Genre: Action role-playing game
Game Modes: Single player, Multi player
Ratings: Cero: Ratings-CERO C
PEGI: Ratings-PEGI 12
ESRB: Ratings-ESRB T
Platform(s): PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable (Japan only)

Logo-Toukiden The Age of Demons

Toukiden: The Age of Demons (討鬼伝, Tōkiden; roughly translated as "Legend of the Demon Slayers") is Koei's collaboration title with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ). It is the newest Omega Force IP to be conceptualized in years. According to Koei-Tecmo's financial report, the game has sold at least 450 thousand copies in Japan and Asia alone. This game is Japanese voice overs only for overseas ports.

The producer is Kenichi Ogasawara and the director is Takashi Morinaka. Nobuo Miyoshi is the CG director. The character designer and main character illustrator for the game is Hidari. Music is composed by Hideki Sakamoto. Hisashi Koinuma and SCEJ's president, Hiroshi Kawano, are the general producers of this product, and the game's setting was conceptualized between them. Toukiden's main themes are "Japanese", "history", and "demon slaying" in an original fantasy world.

The game was originally planned just for the PSP, but Kawano was the one who pushed for the game to be on the PS Vita. He specifically wanted a new IP from Koei on the console. Both developers are excited about the cross platform connections for the game, as it requires the SCEJ staff's input for its development. According to Koinuma, the look and feel of the game currently shares no parallels with the Warriors franchises. He thinks Warriors fans will be pleasantly surprised with this title.

Ogasawara wishes to use his experience working with Nobunaga no Yabou Online and Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce to visualize a world and system which best fits the game's motifs. Core developers who worked in the Strikeforce titles returned for this title. He has stated that Toukiden will be "an outstanding IP which demonstrates the company's true potential". Team NINJA's involvement, Hidari's character designs (for the Gust side), and the gameplay changes made based on fan feedback from the trial versions are meant to reflect this concept. Hidari's illustrations were used and kept within the game to avoid drawing too many comparisons to the Warriors series.

Players who pre-order the PS Vita Onigara set can obtain a special decorative case and a downloadable serial for the soul, Issun Boushi. The double pre-order Mitama set includes downloadable codes for Momotaro and Yae Niijima's souls. Gamecity shoppers can obtain an additional cell phone strap with their purchase. Other pre-order bonuses are planned for various Japanese stores. Players of the trial versions can transfer their data into the final product and obtain a pink Tenko mask as a bonus. Players who have purchased the downloadable version can invite other players to buy the game to obtain a code for Hatsuho's demon mask.