Utakata Village is Toukiden: Kiwami's main hub. Within Utakata Village protagonist can rise Bonds with companions, accept tasks and prepare himself to upcoming battle.

Slayer's Headquarter

Slayer's Headquarter is a core of Utakata Village defense against Oni.

Command Center

Command Center

Yū behind the counter of the Command Center.

is in charge of Command Center.
  • Missions
Mission objectives include defeating certain Oni or reaching certain zones on the battlefield. Completing missions written in red will advance the story.
You can send a Secondary Unit made up of Slayers that are not accompanying you on your current mission to complete missions that you have already finished.
  • Quests
Quests are given to you by other characters in the village. You can undertake multiple quests at the same time. Try to obtain the necessary materials while carrying out missions, then report to the Command Center to complete your quest. Completing quests will improve your relations with the petitioner (improves Bonds ).


Yamato is in charge of the Repository.

  • Training
Complete a series of tasks designed to improve your fighting skills. This is the place to learn how to use each weapon type and practice various attacks and maneuvers before deciding your play stile.
  • Medals
Receive medals based on the results of your game play.


Shūsui is in charge of the Encyclopedia.

  • Encyclopedia
View an explanation of characters, their current Bonds, Oni and terms in the game. Defeated big Oni's weaknesses and attribute attack types will be mentioned here.
  • Infinite Missions
You can take on Infinite Missions here. If you complete them, even more type of missions may be made available.

Offering box

Offering box

Offering box

The special bonuses you can receive from the Offering box will differ depending on the type of prayer you offer. Some prayers may be answered, while others may be ignored. The less Haku you offer, the more likely you are to have your prayer ignored. Praying often can upgrade the offering box, enabling you to offer even more types of prayers.

Additionally, in multiplayer missions, if multiple allies offer a prayer, you will also receive the special bonuses they earn.


Leave through the gate after accepting a mission, and start the battle.

Protagonist's house


Check the materials you own or sell them.


Read the letters you have received. You can also receive additional game content that you have downloaded.


View the story and a record of your activities.


Send your Tenko out on adventures to collect materials.


Save the game. Return to main menu.

Village square


Tatara is Utakata Village's blacksmith.

  • Create weapon
Use materials and Haku to forge a new weapon.
  • Upgrade weapon
Use materials and Haku to upgrade an existing weapon.
  • Create armor
Use materials and Haku to forge new armor.
  • Upgrade weapon
Use materials and Haku to upgrade existing armor.


Weapons and armor can be upgraded in two ways:

  • Fortify
When compatibility is at maximum, or if you have Soul Steel, you can fortify your weapons or armor (up to 9 times). Fortifying an item will improve its stats and make it more effective. In the case of weapons, the number or sockets may increase.
  • Reforge
Spend Haku and materials to create new, even stronger weapons and armor. The previous weapon or piece of armor will be destroyed.


Shikimi is in charge of Utakata Village's Shrine.

  • Upgrade
Spend haku to raise the level of a Mitama.
  • Pacify
Return a Mitama to its level 1 state.


Here you can buy and sell weapons, armor and materials. Using the Shop increases "Patronage" by percent of each trading operation (both buying and selling). Higher Patronage ranks enable you to purchase better weapons and materials. The maximum (golden) rank is achieved when Patronage reaches a value of 30,000 Haku.

Guardian tree

Give the tree Haku in exchange for materials. You can use the tree once for each mission you complete.

Pool of Purity

By using Pool of Purity to cleanse your body, you can receive special bonuses in the following battle. Can increase Bonds with some characters.

Notice board

Check any open notifications.


There are two armory stands: in the Command Center and in your house.

  • Change equipment
Change your weapons , armor and Mitama.
  • Registered equipment
Register or update the equipment you use most often (weapon with equipped Mitama, armor sets, Mitama combination).
  • Change hairstyle
Change your hairstyle and hair color.
  • Headgear
Choose whether or not to display protagonist's headgear.
  • Change Tenko
Change the equipment for your Tenko.

Portal stone

There are two portal stones located to the right of both entrances to the Command Center (from your house and from village square). Portal stone allows you to enter multiplayer missions.

  • Online multiplayer
You can create a lobby or join an existing one. All missions can still be completed with AI companions. Internet connection required.
  • Single player
Complete multiplayer missions with with AI companions. Internet connection is not required.
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